For over 60 years, Parklane has built a reputation for uniquely natural designs and quality construction.

As experts in sustainable landscapes and beautiful outdoor living, we offer people thoughtful, responsible, entertaining and enjoyable green living spaces – spaces that address our lifestyle and comfort as well as contribute to the health and beauty of the environment.

Despite what you may have heard, it’s possible to do both.In order to do this we evaluate each landscape based on six different categories that are fundamental to the rejuvenation of our world.



Traditional landscaping practices involve removing poor soil and bringing in new triple mix. We have re-evaluated this practice and endeavour to implement a soil management plan on site. We will test it, identify its components, and find out what it needs, amend it as required, nurture it, and keep it.


We believe that all rainwater should be kept on site and can form an integral part of the design. We are now incorporating facilities such as bio-swales, rain barrels, cisterns, low flow irrigation systems, and swimming ponds into all of our designs. Imagine a garden that remains lush even during the driest months without using municipally treated water.



Plants are vital to our life on earth. They provide habitat, nutrients, protection, and energy to ecosystems. Into our designs we incorporate native and edible plants to restore the environment and encourage local food production. We will keep all the trees we can and plant new varieties to allow for summer cooling of the house and to increase the urban tree canopy.


One thing that generally lacks attention is the power that goes into landscape. Whether it is lighting, pumps, filters, stereos–they all need power. We encourage our clients to look at alternative energy sources for their landscapes and inform them of technologies and ways to offset their energy costs.



The cost and amounts of waste that we send to a landfill is substantial. Each site will have a customized waste management plan. We will use all applicable materials from the site in the design plan. Soil, organic debris, and construction waste that cannot be reused will be diverted to an appropriate recycling facility.


Parklane is committed to making smart purchases. We will follow these guidelines whenever possible:

  • Purchase materials and goods from local sources
  • Purchase materials made from recycled products
  • Purchase materials that are reusable/recyclable/biodegradable
  • Purchase materials that are produced in an environmentally conscious manner

Rain Garden to "rewild" pine beach

In the summer of 2015 Parklane and the local Pine Beach community created a natural rain garden to reduce lake pollution and engage residents in sustainable landscape practices.

Environmental Advantages

Parklane believes that every property can be used to make a difference. Your garden can be a means for enjoyment as well as an environmental benefit.

Parklane offers a variety of solutions and innovative options to assist you in contributing back to the earth while continuing to enjoy and love the garden that you have. Our team is continually keeping up to date with new technologies and products that are sustainably sound and eco-conscious.

Please contact us for a free consultation to discover these environmental advantages for your own property.

Environmental Health Check

Our trained professionals can assess your property to analyze the overall impact of your landscape to the rest of the natural ecosystem and community.

Low Impact Development Report

September 2015 Report
July 2016 Report

Organic Fertilization/ Restoration Program

Through our organic compost tea program, we can increase the number of healthy organisms that fight disease, bad funguses and other elements that weaken the integrity of plants. Compost tea also builds soil matter, increases nutrients and adds oxygen.

Downspout Disconnection

Many municipalities throughout North America are now creating by-laws for mandatory downspout disconnection. Parklane will disconnect your downspout, while addressing water management issues to ensure your landscape is not negatively affected by stormwater flows.

Stormwater Capture

Water can be captured, stored and used on your property to reduce your need for municipal water, increase water saving in volume and dollars, and increase the aesthetic appeal of the garden. We custom design water storage options suited to your needs and budget. Stored rainwater can be used for low-flow irrigation, outdoor showers and other outdoor water applications.