While Some See a Pile of Dirt, We See a Blank Canvas!

From a pile of dirt to a work of art, let us transform your backyard into a beautiful and unique oasis.
Before we begin designing your backyard landscape, there are a few things we’d like to gather from you about your home and lifestyle. While our professionals will do the very best to bring your vision to reality, all we ask is that you allow us to get to know you better. Partnering with one another, we’ll paint the backyard picture you dream of together!

We are thrilled to work with you on this exciting masterpiece, but first let us get the dirt on a couple of things!

What do you plan to use your garden for?
These are important questions to ask yourself that will help determine the ideal structure for your garden:
• Do you plan to entertain in or around the garden and require paths or patios?
• Are you trying to seek privacy from neighbors?
• Are you interested in creating a private space or public view?
• Would you like to attract more birds and butterflies into your yard?
• Are you trying to create a view from inside the house?

What style of garden appeals to you?
This is the fun part; an opportunity to be creative with us!
• Formal or Natural?
• Are you interested in water features?
• Would you prefer it complement your house?
• Do you admire soft hues, or bold vibrant colors?
• What flowers/vegetables do you wish to grow?

So dig right in, and paint out your ideas! All it takes is a bit of brainstorming and visualization. Parklane will look after the finishing touches, and ensure your new garden is a piece of art to be proud of, all summer long!