The Jane and Bloor Project – Our Week at a Glance!

I’ll begin by saying the access to this location was very poor. We had to begin the excavation process a week prior to starting the project, because the neighbour was also doing landscaping and the fence was down for only a short window. We only need 39″ of space to get our mini excavator into a backyard but this location was an aggravatingly 37 and a half inches wide, after the fence install. A bit of a rocky start!

Day One: We arrive on site with a mini excavator, 4 crew members and wheel barrels. The excavator dug and loaded the barrels and the crew ran them out to the bin on the street. Day one all excavation completed.


Day Two: Now it’s time for the reverse; haul the granular base on to the site, compacting as we go. Pipes for final grade are set at one end, but this is the week from hell with temperatures rising to almost 40 degrees in Toronto. End of day two all base in place and it’s time to begin leveling layer.


Day Three: Morning of day three I advise the crew to double check all the calculations made yesterday; the heat, and exhaustion at the end of day was all conspiring to make a math error very possible. However, good news – the math was perfect. Come end of day, the barn board concrete pavers are installed. This is a new product that looks like boards but is actually concrete, a very cool look; heavy material to work with but a really nice effect.


Day Four: Flagstone starts on dining patio. It always takes longer to install natural stone due to the uneven thicknesses and odd shapes. Even if the sizes are off by 1.8″ then the base needs to be adjusted. The natural dips in the actual stones also means each stone has to be analyzed individually during installation, but even still we’re ready!


Day 5: Finish the flagstone and install soil, a pretty straight forward day.


Day 6: It’s wrap-up day. The time has come for planting, power-washing and arranging all the art pieces. Fun! To save on some costs, the clients purchase a prefab arbour unit and spend a few nights after we finish, assembling the new unit. They also purchase 2 water feature kits and assemble them themselves.