Parklane presents Imagine… ReWilding!

This year Parklane is paying tribute to a group on Lake Simcoe whose mission is to advance water thinking, engage people and create ripples.  The Ontario Water Centre for Innovation, Research and Learning is evolving as clusters of centres and activities linked by common vision to make the entire Lake Simcoe watershed a “living laboratory”.  An amazing group — the Ladies of the Lake — is helping to foster this vision. One of the truly remarkable initiatives is ReWilding Lake Simcoe. Rewilding promotes the idea of people and nature developing a relationship to co-create and revitalize outdoor spaces in a way that benefits the health and well-being of both.

The Parklane design team has created a garden that compares two distinct spaces. In one space we dominate nature. In the other we see ourselves as part of nature. Our garden provides a space to enjoy a chat sitting among 16,000 pine trees, relax  in our “Glamping” yurt, and meander through a day-lit stream, learning about the journey of water through a garden and how it can be captured and enjoyed.

Parklane invites everyone to enter a world of discovery that provides the inspiration to enter a new frontier. By rewilding our gardens, we can and will re-wild ourselves. The Parklane feature garden at Canada Blooms invites visitors to experience a fresh interpretation of what ReWilding means: cultivating a partnership of between people and nature for the benefit of all. This approach is at the core of a new $1.6 million ReWilding Lake Simcoe initiative that’s beginning to create waves.

Parklane is a family business that has been part of Ontario’s finest homes since 1958. Our expert design and construction team work closely with our clients to create unique gardens that complement and harmonize with their natural environment.

Special Event in the PARKLANE GARDEN

Everyday 11am-2pm

DO IT YOURSELF with Parklane
Parklane invites you to our Yurt to chat with a member of our staff about your garden thoughts. Bring photos and discuss ideas on design, planting and construction.