Parklane Gives Back

More and more businesses these days are looking for ways to give back to their local communities, whether it be through employee-volunteer programs, donations, or direct involvement in sponsorships. At Parklane, giving back to the community is large part of what we represent. We are constantly striving to pursue new opportunities in which we can involve ourselves and want to make a positive impact where possible.

As a company, Parklane assists with the design and construction of outdoor classrooms, locally here in Barrie and surrounding regions. Specifically, Parklane has created outdoor learning spaces for All Saints School in Unionville, Ontario, St. Emily School in Woodbridge, Ontario, St. Patrick’s School in Markham, Ontario, and Thorah Central Public School in Beaverton, Ontario.

Parklane has also built a Peace Tree Garden, at Community Safety Village in Bruce’s Mill Conservation area.  The Community Safety Village is an interactive, educational facility where children learn about fire, traffic and personal safety. Parklane donated materials and created a garden adjacent to this village that offers a comfortable setting for children to learn about edible and medicinal plants.

We believe it’s these relationships with schools and local businesses that allow us to develop genuine connections with our customers and with the community. In doing so, we build trust among community members leading to happy and loyal customers. We are happy to help where we can, and are thankful for such a rewarding growth opportunity.

At Parklane, we believe that providing employees an avenue to give back is important to morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team. Our team members are a part of several organizations outside of Parklane, including:

Canada Blooms Board

Anna has volunteered as a board member for Canada Blooms. In case you don’t know, Canada Blooms is:

  • The largest flower and garden festival in the country, celebrating the very best in Canadian gardening and floral design
  • A yearly international occasion which enhances and promotes the awareness of horticulture by featuring the best designs, products and services of amateur and professional participants.
  • Enjoyed by thousands of Canadians with green thumbs, bringing in over 200,000 visitors each year.

In 1996, Casey VanMaris (Anna’s father) played an integral role in organizing the Garden Club of Toronto and Landscape Ontario to partner and form Canada Blooms. Canada Blooms was incorporated in 1997 as Canada Blooms Horticultural Society, a not-for-profit organization. Proceeds from Canada Blooms are used to support community projects that promote horticulture and nurture and enhance our urban landscapes.

Toronto Rotary Club

Alex Zalewski (Consultant) is an active member of the Toronto rotary club, which focuses on:

  • Connecting the homeless with quality healthcare
  • Helping to enable community development projects such as edible gardens at schools and rehabilitating neighbourhood parks
  • Partnering with Habitat for Humanity to assist families who are under-housed, by building homes
  • Encouraging and fostering high ethical standards in business and professions and the advancement of international understanding, through various events

He is also a ShelterBox ambassador, helping to promote awareness of the organizations unique, lifesaving disaster relief efforts.

Toronto Art Lessons

Kimberley Dodd (Maintenance manager and customer service rep) volunteers each Tuesday teaching art to Toronto residents that are facing long term poverty. In doing so, participants are able to:

  • Learn from a skilled artist on a personal level in small groups
  • Take advantage of an enjoyable and social activity at little to no cost

Improve their critical thinking and verbal skills. Art lessons can also help to improve individual motivation, concentration and confidence