Hiring a Landscaping Company? Questions to Ask

Hiring a Landscaping Company? Questions to Ask

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If you are considering professional assistance in achieving the perfect backyard creation, it’s important to do your research to ensure you select a company you can trust! So how can you be sure you’re hiring a professional landscaping company that can fulfill your expectations?

Ask the right questions! When it comes to your landscaping projects, you want to hire someone experienced and knowledgeable, but you also want someone you can trust won’t leave the job half-done. Here are some tips that will provide perspective and ultimately help to make the decision process easier on you.

1. What can you tell me about the background and history of your business?

Most qualified landscape companies will be able to provide you with thorough details surrounding the company history, their industry stance, experience, and of course how long they have been in the business. They should have a professional and informative website that also features client testimonials.

2. What qualified associations do you belong to?

Landscaping professionals are typically very involved in the industry, always seeking to learn more. Companies that promote team member training and are active in local and provincial landscaping organizations usually provide top-notch, high-quality work and will stand by that work. Parklane is a founding member of Landscape Ontario, and is an active member of L.O. and CNLA with professional standing.

3. Are you involved in community or charitable work?

Businesses that give time and money to their community shows that they care enough about people in their community to help in ways that aren’t about earning revenue. Parklane has an active presence in the community and we are continually involved in the design and construction of many outdoor classrooms.

4.  Is your work guaranteed?

Most professional landscaping companies will stand by their work 100%. If something was not completed correctly, they should return and resolve the issue immediately. Inquire about warranties for their landscaping work and any alternative warranties offered for the construction and hardscaping in the garden design.

Ultimately, getting answers to the questions above should ensure you make the best choice when selecting a landscaping company to work on your property. When you hire the Parklane Team you are hiring a group of individuals who are motivated to exceed the expectations of our clients and also have a reputation among the trade to uphold. Contact us today for more information on our unique landscaping services. Call 705-426-4300