Garden Season is Upon us – What’s Hot this Summer!

Garden Season is Upon us – What’s Hot this Summer!
Are you looking for unique ways to beautify your landscape this season but not sure where to begin? Like anything, each year lifestyles diversify, causing a shift in current trends. These trends are what often determine the decisions we make. When it comes to home gardening this year, it’s all about encompassing happiness and wellness, through sustainable gardening. So what does that entail exactly?

1) Edible Container Gardens
As a society, healthy eating and living is more prominent than ever before. When you eat locally, or more specifically from your backyard, it’s not only financially beneficial it also provides a great deal of convenience and control. Growing your own vegetables gives you full access to them at all times; you choose the fertilizer and the conditions in which your plants are exposed to, and when you’re ready to enjoy them, there’s no need to head to the grocery store! Limited backyard space? No problem; container gardens allow you to enjoy the benefits of home gardening without requiring large space. For those who would prefer to grow their own vegetables but don’t have the property space for a standard full-size garden, this solution is for you. A very simple way to get started is to grow your own culinary herbs. Consider thyme, rosemary and basil, these are all easy to grow and even easier to cook with! For the same price as two back of fresh herbs, you can instead buy a live plant and have the fresh herbs all season right outside your back door!

2) Colorful Shades
Feeling down? It’s time to liven up your garden! Bright colors such as energizing blues and greens are a big hit this season, and do wonders to boost your moods. Each of these shades promotes positive emotions of relaxation and serenity, while hues of yellow, pink and purple are uplifting, creating feelings of joy. In addition to colorful blossoms, garden accessories in metallic hues such as gold and silver, effortlessly complement the appearance of any garden. Try coupling these colors with neutral tones to really make your garden pop.

3) Resort Feel
Resort atmospheres continue to be a common theme, inspiring garden designs. People want to remake their backyard to resemble that of a past vacation, maintaining a connection to that relaxing environment. Incorporating fire bowls, bamboo, tropical plants, or water fountains quickly transforms a basic garden into a tropical escape, creating a sense of Zen and peace. Who wouldn’t want that!

4) Be One with Nature
Although flowers are a beautiful sight, peeking out your window to the view of a vibrant butterfly or hummingbird is even more rewarding. Placing a bird bath or bird feeder adds a gorgeous element to the scene of a backyard, while attracting lovely birds and other creatures you may not have the pleasure of seeing otherwise. Whether it’s nesting material, water, or food, each of these supplies a quick and efficient means for attracting new wildlife. It’s also a nice technique for introducing and educating young children on all things nature.

5) Recycled Content
As a society we are becoming more eco-friendly in terms of our everyday lives, making conscious decisions to better protect our environment. Part of this involves choosing products made from recycled material for the purpose of landscaping, rather than product made from raw material. More than ever before residents are striving to reuse and re-purpose old items lying around the house to create something new. Recycled concrete is a great resource for the formation of pathways, or backyard patios. Additionally, glass bottles are unique in that they can supply a variety of fun purposes for your garden. Often these bottles are used for creating lanterns, wind chimes, and attractive garden art. It’s an enjoyable project to do on your own or with the kids, and the end result gives your garden a distinct look with a personal touch!