Canada Blooms 2013 – Greening it up

The weeping water feature is almost complete.  It is lush and green and drips evenly but we have had a few snags along the way.  The pump volume and pressure were tricky to get right.  At the moment we are playing with various micro sprinklers heads.   By the time the water makes it to the pool it is dripping evenly but some patches of moss are not getting enough water and we worry for their health.

The boardroom in our office is currently the most humidified location in the building.  Walking into the room is a bit like stepping into a spring forest.

Taking the time to build  and test something like this water feature is important because although it is  not a difficult thing to do,  it takes time and thought to make the necessary adjustments.  The more details we can figure out in advance the better.

Right now we are so happy with the results, Cassie and I just want to touch it and hug it.  It is our big green monster.   It has turned out to be exactly what we were hoping for and yet, it is more alive than even we were expecting.

This weekend Kim and I were looking at it and have decided we need a deeper pool.  The moss is very thirsty and drinks a large volume of water  in a short period of time.   The problem with this adjustment is that we now need to figure out some way to hide the pool.  Alas the difficulties of building on top of a concrete slab.  We are landscapers and we love to dig. It is a little frustrating when that option is not possible.




"moss monster"





"moss monster 2"