Parklane Landscapes offers homeowners all the pleasures of a beautiful outdoor space as well as the good feeling of knowing they’re taking care of our world in the process.

As experts in sustainable landscapes and beautiful outdoor living, we offer people thoughtful, responsible, entertaining and enjoyable green living spaces – spaces that address our lifestyle and comfort as well as contribute to the health and beauty of the environment. Despite what you may have heard, it’s possible to do both.

We’re on a mission to lead people back to a sensitive, sensible approach to our outdoor spaces. We’re interested in pushing and growing ourselves, our clients and perhaps an entire industry to enjoy ALL that our landscape has to offer and be even better caretakers of the spaces we live in.

There’s an old Native American saying that urges us to “tread lightly on our moccasins.” It’s a guiding principle for us. Aesthetically… Functionally… We want to leave each place we visit better than we found it. This was our founder’s philosophy, with which we’ve cultivated and grown a solid reputation over 60 years in the landscaping industry.

With Parklane Landscapes, sustainable is beautiful!